Jeans - When is it time to let go?

I live for jeans! It is the item I buy most and love most. I just finished my semi annual denim fashion show. Semi annual denim fashion show means I dig out every pair of jeans I own, try them on and model them around my apartment in an attempt to decide, should I keep these? It's so hard to get rid of clothes for me. I tend to dream up situations where I can pinpoint a specific pair of jeans would fit perfectly, but these situations don't happen a lot. 
-If I have to paint my apartment jeans
-When I go on a hike and don't care if these get ruined jeans 
-Maybe I'll be a cowgirl for Halloween next year jeans 
-I've always hated these jeans but they are nice and I feel bad throwing them away jeans
-I'm going to take these to be hemmed jeans (had them for a year)
After each fashion show I probably find 2-3 pairs to donate. Sadly I end up keeping most of the ones I listed above, only getting rid of the ones I can no longer zip. It's always hard saying goodbye but every one knows that just means you have more room for new friends! 

Here are the ones who made the cut this round: