I Wear my (Amazon) Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses are a summer must! Wearing shades is such an easy way to style an outfit. As someone who wears mostly jeans and t-shirts, sunglasses are a style staple.

I love to experiment with new trends, and adding sunglasses to an already stylish outfit is a fun and cheap way to do that. I love Indianapolis but we don’t have many stores that offer affordable trendy clothes or accessories. While I’m always down to hit up the mall, I’ve recently been doing a lot more shopping from home. I used to be one of those people who thought it was absurd when people would use Amazon all the time, but now I’m totally one of them. (Thanks Todd!) Amazon actually has a lot of cute clothes and accessories, and most brands are available through the website – who knew! 

This summer I really wanted to try the trendy circular sunglasses.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like them or if they would even look good on me, so I searched Amazon and found some for $10! 

Here are some of my other Amazon favorites for this summer: